Buy and Sell Coinage


After jewellery coins are one of the most common items that we deal with. A little bit like bullion in that many people consider them to be a good long-term investment, we are always interested in all types of gold coins and other collectible examples. Our experts are specialists in all types of coins and you can rest assured that you will get the best possible market value on coins when you come to deal with Gold Exchange Universe. Sovereign gold coins are something that is of particular interest to us. Give us a call today so we can discuss in more detail the value of those old coins you've got just lying around in the bottom of the drawer.

We are committed to giving you the very best, professional advice on your gold, jewellery and precious metals through our auction process that is straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one. We strive very hard to ensure that all goods offered through our auctions are authentic and match the quality and descriptions stated on our site.

Who doesn't have at the bottom of a drawer or trinket box stray coins, medals or medallions of which little or nothing is known, especially so their value. Whether inherited, purchased on whim or just accumulated over time, these treasures could easily be turned into cash, through our auction platform. Antique or modern, of gold, silver or platinum let Gold Exchange Universe give you an almost instant market valuation, turning these unloved items into a profitable venture. With our strong record for above market appraisals, honest and speedy transactions, our guaranteed confidentiality and our transparent processing procedure, we can assure you of a pleasant and ultimately satisfying experience.

Gold Coinage

For centuries gold coins have been a safe haven for investors. These must be differentiated from the coins collected by numismatics who are more interested in their rarity and beauty than their intrinsic value. Bullion's gold coins as they are referred to today are sold in vast quantities and have a high purity of gold, usually twenty four carat. They have and continue to be seen as a tangible asset and purchased or sold relatively easily through specialist dealers. Gold Exchange Universe is more than interested in acquiring any such coinage and offer the best market valuations anywhere in Sydney. With our experienced, in-house gemologists ready to give you the very best on-the-spot appraisals, you can be assured your visit was well worth the time.

Silver Coinage

Perhaps not quite as valuable as gold coins, silver is still a very desirable and valuable commodity. Whether you have just one or a thousand silver coins in your possession and whether they be pristine in their condition or well worn from use, at Gold Exchange Universe we are more than happy to give you a valuation as to their true worth. Our experts are well versed in valuing silver coinage, bars or rounds with an accepted transparent transaction of consigning your goods to our auction platform. You will be hard pressed to find better valuations and expert advice for your silver coinage than at Gold Exchange Universe where your satisfaction is one of our leading objectives.

Platinum Coinage

Coinage made of platinum is very rare and in reality exists only as special commemorative medallions or specially struck coins in very small numbers. Although the Platinum Koala has been issued as legal tender in Australia its value is very much based on the metal price rather than the denomination shown on the coin (in reality most of these coins are sold off shore to investors and collectors overseas). Most of the platinum coins released in the world are contained in protective plastic sleeves as their value is very much determined by the physical condition of the coin itself. Gold Exchange Universe is a strong dealer of such valuable coinage with its many years experience in this very specialised field. Our experts are more than happy to value any platinum coins you may have and are all to willing to offer better than market value for such valuable items.

Antique Coinage

Although Gold Exchange Universe are not your specialist Numismatic showroom we are also well versed in the valuation of antique coinage. The pricing for such collectibles varies considerably on a number of factors, not least their age, condition and rarity. Our experts will be all too pleased in valuing your antique coins and guarantee you the best possible valuation with seamlessly professional advice and listing procedure on our auction platform.

With so many advantages, visiting Gold Exchange Universe is not only your best option, it is a MUST for all those wanting the highest valuation for their gold, silver, platinum or antique coinage. Our expertise, honesty, discretion, transparency and our time saving processing all make Gold Exchange Universe your obvious destination.