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Scrap Gold

At Gold Exchange Universe we will take whatever type of gold that you have, and that includes any broken or scrap gold that you simply wish to trade through our auction platform. We can also extract any gemstones or diamonds that you have within the piece of gold jewellery, whether it be a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet. We are also happy to deal in bulk amounts of scrap gold with any individuals or traders who would like to consign larger amounts of scrap gold.

We are committed to giving you the very best, professional advice on your gold, jewellery and precious metals through our auction process that is straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one. We strive very hard to ensure that all goods offered through our auctions are authentic and match the quality and descriptions stated on our site.

Buy and Sell Scrap Gold In Sydney

You want the best value for your unwanted gold or fine gold jewellery and where better than Gold Exchange Universe, the number one scrap gold dealer in Sydney. Gold Exchange Universe challenges any other Sydney – based scrap gold merchant to surpass its valuations.

We offer you on the spot valuations, for your scrap gold, used gold, and fine gold jewellery. With 35 years experience in valuing gold and gold jewellery our expertise means a mutual agreement can be reached and payment made within 1 week after the auction closing.

We consign all types of scrap gold from the unfashionable to the unloved. Wedding rings, necklaces, gold pendants, gold earrings, gold bracelets, gold bangles and broaches, gold chains gold nuggets, dental gold, gold coins, virtually anything made from this most precious of metals. Whether white , yellow, rose or multi – coloured gold in carats of 8ct, 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 18ct,22ct or 24ct we make a point at offering the best, professional advice for your precious metal. Factors we consider in valuing your scrap or decorative gold jewellery are briefly described below so as to give you a better understanding of the valuation process.


Carat indicates the purity and it is this that determines the market value of your gold. In short the higher the carat the higher the price. Even for the lower carats of purity you can be assured that the valuation offered by Gold Exchange Universe will be well above that offered by its competitor gold merchants.


Quality means the physical condition of the gold you bring to us whether it be as jewellery, nuggets, dental or coins. Especially jewellery, if pristine in condition, will often be returned to the market place and as such will bring you, as the seller, a higher yield.


Weight is of course a common factor when considering a valuation for gold. The heavier the nugget, coin or piece of jewellery the higher the value. At Gold Exchange Universe our experts are only too aware of the importance in accurate and precise weighing in assuring you the best possible valuation for your gold.

Types of Jewelries

Gold Exchange Universe are happy to consign all types of jewellery though the valuation will vary according to type. For Example wedding jewellery, as opposed to everyday jewellery, often commands a higher value. Rest assured, however, you will be guaranteed a higher valuation for all gold jewellery, whatever the type, here at Gold Exchange Universe.

Other Gemstones

Most of the scrap gold buyers only pay for your gold. Gemstones, like diamonds, are either down played, returned or valued at a lower market price. At Gold Exchange Universe we welcome the possibility of consigning these gems and you can be assured their valuation will be in conjunction with the current market value thus ensuring the best possible return for your valuable gold jewellery.

Buy and Sell Scrap Gold with #1 Scrap Gold Buyer In Sydney

Whether transported in a match box or armoured truck, be assured that at Gold Exchange Universe, no weight of gold is overlooked or underplayed by our experts. With no hidden obligations or charges, you can be confident that you are receiving the most professional of services but also that you will receive the highest possible valuation for your unwanted gold. We are ready to provide you with expert advice and consigning to our auction platform, after agreeing to our generous terms and conditions.

Our team members have been highly trained and are expert in their knowledge of the current market valuations for both gold and diamonds. With this understanding and their many years in the business, our clients can be assured there is no possibility of undervaluing your precious gold. We believe in customer satisfaction and honesty in all our dealings, therefore we always offer highest valuations, transparent trading procedure, and instant payment to you 1 week after auction closing.

Should you have any unwanted scrap gold or even fine gold jewellery and want to turn it into welcomed currency Gold Exchange Universe is the place to be. No need to book an appointment our team is always on hand when you come to our Sydney office. A specialised and friendly gold jewellery staff member will talk you through the entire process, guaranteeing that you will leave satisfied with every aspect of your transaction.